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Human Developmental Sciences Minor in Healthy Aging



The HDS Minor in Healthy Aging includes core coursework selected from broad-based developmental science classes, as well as specific coursework in Healthy Aging, including one practicum. The selection of Healthy Aging coursework for this minor is similar to the concentration in the major Specialization. A total of 7 courses (1 lower-division, 6 upper-division) are required to complete a Human Developmental Sciences Minor in Healthy Aging. Courses are listed below.

How to Declare the Minor

All students who plan to get a Human Developmental Sciences Minor in Healthy Aging are encouraged to meet with an HDS Advisor for assistance with curriculum planning. Please contact (858) 534-9919 in order to schedule an appointment. You can declare the Human Developmental Sciences Minor in Healthy Aging via TritonLink (minor code HS28). Students will need to list the classes that they have taken and/or plan to take for the minor.

Requirements for a Human Developmental Sciences Minor in Healthy Aging

  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade; pass/no pass grades are not accepted.
  • All upper-division coursework must be completed with a grade of C- or better.
  • Two upper-division courses may overlap between a student's major and the HDS Minor in Healthy Aging. Students will need to specify which 2 classes they would like to overlap in the minor application. Courses will not overlap automatically. The remaining four upper divsion courses for the HDS minor should not be from the student's major department. Students may not overlap upper-division minor courses with general education requirements.


Coursework Required for the HDS Minor in Healthy Aging:

Lifespan Coursework

Must complete all 4 courses below:

  • HDS 1 - Introduction to Human Developmental Sciences
    (Must be taken in residence and offered only once per year, in fall).
  • HDS 110 - Brain and Behavioral Development
    Prerequisite: HDP 1 or PSYC 101.
  • HDS 122 - Development of Social Cognition
    Prerequisite: HDP 1.
  • HDS 133 - Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Developmental Science
    Prerequisite: HDP 1 or PSYC 1.

Healthy Aging Concentration

Two courses, chosen from the Healthy Aging Series:

  • ANSC 101. Aging: Cult/Health/Hum Development.
  • BILD 38. Dementia, Science, and Society
  • LTWL 177. Literature and Aging
  • USP 141A. Life Course Scholars Research and Core Fundamentals.
  • USP 145. Aging—Social and Health Policy Issues.

One course, fulfilled by an approved project in one of the following:

  • HDS 193. Advanced Research in Human Development
  • USP 141B. Life Course Scholars Capstone Project