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HDS Advising Appointments

HDS advisors are here to help you! Advisors can help with switching into the major, creating an academic plan, and discussing educational and career goals... among many other things!

Note that if you have just a few questions, the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) is the perfect option for UCSD students and Alumni: use the "ask a question" feature and get answers within 1 day for most issues.

HDS Advising Appointment

Need to meet with an advisor? For in-depth questions such as creating an academic plan, career advising, or study abroad, we recommend scheduling an appointment

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Drop-in Advising--In person

AP&M 5320

2985 Muir Lane, La Jolla, CA 92093 #0115
Drop-in advising provides students an opportunity to meet same day with an advisor. This method is reserved for shorter questions (approximately 10-15 min appointments only).

The Advising Partnership 

Productive advising is the result of a partnership between student and advisor. The most important components in the ideal advising partnership is mutual engagement, responsiveness and dedication. Your HDS advisors strive to help advisees to become self-sufficient and also to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge necessary to make their own academic decisions. Regular advising appointments - the fundamental building blocks of the advising relationship - enable your advisors to serve as a source of knowledge and referrals, allowing you to plan and prepare over the course of your UCSD experience. 

Expectations of Your Advisor

  • Advise you in course selection and assist you in developing an academic plan that satisfies your degree requirements.
  • Help you to explore the wide selection of classes and opportunities at UC San Diego.
  • Clarify academic policies, programs and procedures. 
  • Be available to meet with you each term during regular advising hours. 
  • Listen to your concerns and refer you to the appropriate support services, if needed.
  • Assist you in making intentional academic decisions.
  • Guide you in exploring your interests, passions and abilities as they relate to your academic and life goals. 
  • Introduce you to academic planning resources and teach you how to use them.

Expectations of You

  •  Familiarize yourself with the University policies, regulations, programs and procedures that apply to your path at UC San Diego. 
  • Consult the undergraduate course catalog, department websites and relevant campus offices. 
  • Take initiative and contact your advisor in a timely manner. 
  • Prepare a list of class interests, questions and concerns prior to each meeting. 
  • Draft a tentative schedule prior to enrollment.
  • Observe academic deadlines.
  • Keep you advisor informed about your academic progress, course selection and intellectual/career goals. 
  • Understand and adhere to any requirements set by any scholarships/financial aid that you are receiving, and any stipulations in terms of major, credits or GPA.
  • Keep track of progress towards your degree by checking your degree audit regularly. 
  • Plan ahead, ask questions and engage in the advising process. 


Before coming in for an advising appointment please check out the following resources: