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Incoming Students

Congratulations on being admitted to UCSD!  Whether you are still undecided or fully committed to being a Triton, this page should give you the resources to start your UCSD journey!

Attended Triton Day and are looking for the info session slides? 
Missed Triton Day completely and have questions?


Accepted your offer?  See what's next!


  • Mid-June:  Virtual Advising Center Opens for New Transfer students (
  • July 1: HDS Advising Appts Available for new transfers
  • July 20: HDS Advising Appts Available for new freshman
  • July 31: Enrollment times released for All New students 
  • Mid-August: Virtual Advising Center Opens for New Freshman (
    • New student enrollment guidance viewable on Virtual Advising Center
    • Transcripts submitted on-time should be posted by this point
  • August 16: Transfer Enrollment Begins (1st Pass)
  • August 17: First-Years Enrollment Begins (1st Pass)
  • August 21: 2nd Pass Transfer enrollment Begins (2nd Pass)
  • August 22  2nd Pass First-Years enrollment Begins (2nd Pass)

To Do List: By month

Updated on March 20, 2023. The information presented is subject to change without notice. Please check back frequently as new updates may be added.



May 1

Deadline to Accept Your Offer of Admission with the UC San Diego Office of Admissions in the Enrollment Checklist.

Testing dates for the Math Placement Exam (MPE) are available online

May 8

Deadline to apply for On-Campus Housing in the Housing Portal. Visit Housing Dining and Hospitality for more information.

May 15

New Student College Orientation Registration Opens 



  • Mid-June:  New Triton Advising Opens for New Transfer students (
June 15

Deadline to complete Academic Background in New Triton Advising Portal.  

Monitor Your Financial Aid Portal in Tritonlink



July 1
  • Deadline: Submit your final transcripts. July 1 is the postmark deadline for all official transcripts. Please notify UCSD if your school is unable to send official transcripts by July 1 or the testing agency is unable to send official AP/IB test scores by July 15 by submitting the Late Transcript/Late Test Score Notification Form.
  • Submit your Student ID Photo
  • International Students: APPLY FOR FORM 1-20 OR FORM DS-2019
    (Please wait at least 24 hours after accepting admission to complete this step.)
July 10

All incoming students are required to enter proof of specific vaccinations/immunizations.

  • T dap Vaccine
  • MMR Vaccine or titers
  • Varicella Vaccine or titers
  • Meningococcal Vaccine
  • COVID Vaccine Series
July 15

Deadline: Submit your AP/IB test scores. Please notify UCSD if the testing agency is unable to send official AP/IB test scores by July 15 by submitting the Late Transcript/Late Test Score Notification Form.

July 28

Deadline to register for New Student College Orientation

  • Registration is Mandatory and opens May 15
  • A hold will be placed on your account if you do not register for Orientation
  • This hold will prevent you from enrolling in fall quarter classes at UC San Diego
  • The hold will be automatically lifted once you register for Orientation.


To enroll in classes, all incoming students must complete the "Sexual Assault Prevention" and "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion" online training modules through Vector, an online training platform. Once assigned, Vector will notify you via your student email, and you may log into Vector and complete the training using your student SSO credentials { email and password). 

July 31

Appointment times viewable in Tritonlink.


August 9

Enrollment Guidance opens in New Triton Advising Portal.

August 10

Online Advising opens. Submit your questions in the “Ask a Question” tab in VAC.


First Pass Enrollment

  • Transfers Begin 8/16
  • Freshmen Begin 8/17

View your specific 1st pass enrollment time on Tritonlink 


Second Pass Enrollment

  • Transfers Begin 8/21
  • Freshmen Begin 8/22

View your specific 2nd pass enrollment time on Tritonlink 

August 26

Open Enrollment for all students


Room Assignment and Move-in information becomes available. Students will have an opportunity to review and/or change their selected dining plan and housing installment payment plan during this time.




September 11

Deadline to complete the Health & Well-Being Survey.

September 15

Complete Financial Responsibility Agreement

Deadline to submit a waiver for UC Student Health Insurance Program (UCSHIP).

September 25

Move-in Day and Welcome week

September 28 Instruction begins