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Human Developmental Sciences Minor with a Specialization in Equity and Diversity

The HDS Minor specialization in Equity and Diversity includes core coursework selected from broad-based developmental science classes, as well as specific coursework in Equity and Diversity, including one practicum. The selection of Equity and Diversity coursework for this minor is similar to the concentration in the major Specialization. A total of 7 courses (1 lower-division, 6 upper-division) are required to complete a Human Developmental Sciences Minor Specialization in Equity and Diversity. Courses are listed below.

How to Declare the Minor

You do not need to meet for an advising session prior to declaring the HDS minor specialization in Equity and Diversity; however, if the below information does not answer all of your questions, please reach out via VAC or schedule an appointment to discuss our HDS minors in more detail.

 You can declare the Equity and Diversity minor specialization (Minor code HS27) via TritonLink. Students will need to list the classes that they have taken and/or plan to take for the minor from the below options at the bottom of this page.

Requirements for a Human Developmental Sciences Minor with a specialization in Equity and Diversity

  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade; pass/no pass grades are not accepted (with an exception: Courses taken Spring 2020 through Spring 2021 may be pass grades).
  • All coursework must be completed with a grade of C- or better.
  • Two upper-division courses may overlap between a student's major and the HDS Minor in Equity and Diversity. The remaining four upper divsion courses for the HDS minor should not be from the student's major department.
  • Please check with your college regarding overlaps allowed between upper-division minor courses and general education requirements.


Lifespan Coursework (4 courses)

Must complete all 4 courses below:

  • HDS 1 - Introduction to Human Developmental Sciences
    Must be taken in residence. offered fall and spring.
  • HDS 110 - Brain and Behavioral Development
    Prerequisite: HDS 1 or PSYC 101. Typically offered in winter.
  • HDS 122 - Development of Social Cognition
    Prerequisite: HDS 1 or equivalent. Typically offered in spring.
  • HDS 133 - Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Developmental Science
    Prerequisite: HDS 1 or PSYC 1. Typically offered in winter.

Equity and Diversity Concentration (3 courses)

Must complete 2 courses from this selection:
  • HDS 171 - Diverse Communities in Human Development
    Prerequisite: Upper division standing.
  • HDS 173 - Race, Media, and Identity across the lifespan
    Prerequisite: Upper division standing.
  • HDS 175 - Power, Wealth, and Inequality in Human Development
    Prerequisite: Upper division standing.

Must complete one practicum from the following list

  • Equity & Diversity Practicum : COMM 102C, EDS 130, EDS 131, or EDS 136.
    Note: (EDS courses require EDS enrollment clearance. Two units of EDS 139 is a corequisite).