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HDS 193 – Advanced Research in Human Development

HDS 193 is a 4 unit independent research course that may be used to satisfy a requirement for the Human Developmental Sciences major or minor. It is similar to a 199 course in that it provides students with an opportunity to conduct an independent research project under the guidance of a faculty instructor, however it differs in that it allows students to earn a letter grade for their work and to fulfill one of the HDS major or minor requirements. Enrollment in this course provides students with the opportunity to gain research experience, form a relationship with a faculty member, enhance knowledge in a field of interest and build valuable skills that will be a great asset to a graduate school application or resume. It also gives the student a valuable opportunity to tailor a project that is specific to their education and/or career goals.


  • Declared HDS Major or minor.
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8.
  • Minimum 90 cumulative units completed.
  • Completion of 3 HDS core courses and 1 methods course.
  • Completion of HDS 193 Application.
  • For specific projects: 2 page research proposal (consult an HDS advisor for details)
  • Must be taken for a letter grade.

HDS Major/Minor Requirements Fulfilled:

  • Bachelor of Science: HDS 193 can satisfy the methods elective or a development elective (dependent on the content of the research project).
  • Bachelor of Arts: HDS 193 can satisfy one development elective requirement (dependent on the content of the research project).
  • HDS minor in Healthy Aging: HDS 193 may satisfy the Healthy Aging Practicum requirement, provided the focus of the project is on issues related to aging.

Application Process:

  1. Consider Prerequisite Knowledge: Students should have completed one research course prior to enrolling in HDS 193, such as HDS 181, 191, a 199 experience, volunteering in a lab, or a strong recommendation from the instructor.
    • HDS 181 is recommend prior to working in an experimental lab.
    • HDS 191 is recommend prior to a field research placement.
  2. Meet with an HDS Advisor
    • Students looking at Healthy Aging projects should also consult specifically with our Community Partnership Advisor for possible field/mentor placements.
  3. Identify a faculty instructor.
    • When meeting with potential faculty instructors, it is important to discuss the nature of the project, frequency of contact, prerequisite knowledge needed, and the means of evaluation with the faculty instructor prior to enrollment in this course.
      • Students looking at Healthy Aging projects should discuss the the above expectations specifically with our Associate Director, Dr. Clarissa Reese.
  4. Complete the HDS 193 Application.
    • Note: A full research proposal may be required, if the HDS advisor indicates it is needed to evalute your project. See guidelines below for this step.
  5. Submit completed application and research proposal to the Human Developmental Sciences Student Affairs Office (Electronically via for review by the Department Chair.
  6. Students will be notified of approval and given further instructions on enrollment processes.

Research Proposal:

If requested, you may need to include a full research proposal with your application, depending on the nature of the project and the proposed research site or lab. The proposal should fit the following guidelines:
  • 2 pages
  • Must describe and justify the research project
  • A complete proposal should include the following areas:
    • An introduction of the research topic with a proposed research question and an explanation of the significance of the project.
    • A brief survey of current literature on the topic.
    • A tentative outline of subjects and methods that might be used.
    • A preliminary reference list.

Note: Students must schedule an appointment with an HDS advisor in order to discuss enrollment.