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HDS 191 - Field Research in Human Development

Course Overview

This course is designed around students’ applied research experience. With weekly lectures (3 hours/week) introducing the philosophy and basic methodology of human development research, HDS majors are provided the necessary tools to design, conduct, and comprehend their own empirical field research project (4 hours/week) at a pre-approved study site. 

Course Goals and Learning Objectives

The goal is to familiarize students with various field research techniques and to expose them to both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. The class is designed to maximize class participation and facilitate conceptual understanding. During the course students complete a field notebook documenting their 40 hours of observational research, provide an oral presentation of their research, and compose a final research paper.

Important Considerations for Enrollment

HDS 191 is a time intensive course
  • Requires a minimum of 4-to-5 hours of off-campus observational field research each week, in addition to 3 hours of lecture per week
  • Assignments are due on a weekly basis throughout the quarter
  • Assignments build upon one another, and contribute to the development of a final research paper
  • Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in no more than three courses (including HDS 191) during their quarter of placement

  • HDS 191 is a unique and valuable opportunity
    • Internship in a field of interest
    • Great way to establish contacts and network
    • Potential to earn a great letter of recommendation from an industry professional
    • Experience to put on resume or graduate school application, and speak about in interviews
    • Opportunities for future employment at field site(s)
    • Contribute valuable research to the site and community

Process for Enrollment

Information on enrollment in this course is broken into four sections:

For more information

Community Partnerships Coordinator: Tessa E. Stanier

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Phone Number: 858-534-8489