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Career Planning

Career development is a lifelong process, but career planning should begin as early as possible in the student’s academic career. The materials that follow are intended to serve as a guide. As students will see, there are many, many possible career paths and directions a student of Human Developmental Sciences might pursue. Due to the fact that the field is diverse, the most important trick for students is to plan ahead and structure a course of study that will prepare each individual student for their career of choice.

The following overviews for possible career paths is extensive, but by no means complete, and is designed to provide students with a sense of the range of opportunities as well as the basic requirements for pursuing them. Brief summaries are provided for possible professions, along with basic information about training, salaries, etc.


Learn more about the broad range of career fields that are available for students in Human Developmental Sciences.

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Further Study in Human Development

Students can also choose further graduate study in Human Development, leading to careers in research and academia. See our listing of graduate programs in developmental studies for more information.