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HDS 60 - Introduction to Statistical Analysis

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to both descriptive and inferential statistics, core tools in the process of scientific discovery, and the interpretation of research. Emphasis on a conceptual understanding of statistics, numerical results of real data, and techniques of data analysis.

HDS 60 is a preparatory class for the HDS major, and a prerequisite for our upper division research course, HDS 181, which focuses on applied statistics, laboratory techniques, and APA format writing.

As a prerequisite, the learning outcomes of HDS 60 extend beyond simply understanding the numerical techniques of data analysis typical of most stats classes. It incorporates a strong conceptual understanding of statistics, interpretation of research, and skill building in technical skills and software.

Petitioning the HDS 60 course requirement with a different class

Fulfilling the HDS 60 requirement with a course other than HDS 60 is considered under limited conditions, with the caveat that the student may have additional outside preparation work to do when taking the subsequent course in our series, HDS 181. Stats classes that received a “Pass” or a grade of C or below are ineligible to be petitioned to waive HDS 60. AP Stats is also ineligible to be petitioned.

Petitions to waive HDS 60 will be considered under the following conditions:

  • The replacement course was taken prior to declaring the HDS major.
  • The class was taken less than two years ago.
  • Students must show demonstrated mastery in statistical analysis
    (Grades of B+ or higher will automatically meet this criteria.  For community colleges that do not utilize +/- grading, B grades will meet this criteria).

Petitions that meet the above criteria using grades in PSYC 60, MATH 11, or their transfer equivalents (via will be approved automatically, otherwise additional review will be needed.  Students that transferred in a stats course that is not automatically applied as PSYC 60 or MATH 11 via should submit an equivalency petition to PSYC, or MATH (for calculus-based statistics classes), to have their stats course equated, thus helping them automatically clear broader campus-wide stats prerequisites when enrolling in UCSD courses