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HDS 95. Career Development Seminar (1–2)

This course is centered on conceptual understanding of career development as a lifespan process, with an emphasis on application to student’s individual academic development and career readiness competencies. Includes practical training with professional skills, networking, and career research. The course concludes with a career action plan to help students advance academic and career goals. Cannot be used toward HDS major credit.

Still deciding which career path is right for you? Trying to figure out how do you land your first internship or job?

Consider enrolling in HDS 95: Career Development Seminar!

Students are guided in exploring their top 5 GALLUP strengths through CliftonStrengthsfinder and 12 career readiness competencies. Through class lectures on career development concepts, guest speakers, mock interview practice sessions, and online career tools, students will learn the networking process and gain awareness on online and in person information on alumni resources.

The learning outcomes include:

  • Gain self–reflection & career development by understanding career competencies
  • discover, develop & apply talent and strengths using GALLUP CliftonStrengthsfinder
  • gain leadership and team work through group interactions and engagement with peers
  • become aware of the educational opportunities as well as the purpose of core competencies to better prepare for job/graduate school opportunities
  • have a better understanding of the 12 career competencies in their academic and professional experience
  • gain knowledge on online career development tools
  • have the opportunity to practice oral and written communication through student engaged group activities

1 Unit or 2 Unit Option

Grading Rubric (from Spring 2022--subject to change):

2 Units:
● Group Presentation Project: 20%
● Resume & Cover Letter: 30%
● Informational Interview: 10%
● Engage in 1 Career Center workshops/events: 10%
● Career & Life Final Reflection: 30%

1 Unit:
● Group Presentation Project: 20%
● Resume & Cover Letter: 30%
● Informational Interview OR Engage in 1 Career Center workshops/events: 20%
● Career & Life Final Reflection: 30%