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HDS 170 - Equity and Diversity Practicum

Recognizing the need to directly address Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in institutional practices, this course brings together a cohort of students to learn and implement methods of program assessment and improvement to specifically support EDI initiatives.

This course provides opportunities to build research methods skills, leadership abilities, and practical tools for conducting program assessments. The goal is to learn to work collaboratively towards building understanding of a programs needs and areas for development, while specifically incorporating EDI consciousness within program goals.

The class uses HDS as a case study, providing students an opportunity to systematically research, discuss, and analyze different aspects of the HDS educational program, particularly in alignment with EDI principles. With a quarterly focus on topics such as general curriculum, content areas & topics, course syllabi, culture & climate, students will employ multiple modes of reporting to share findings, feedback, and actionable recommendations with HDS leadership, instructors, and students.

This course provides opportunities to build research methods skills, EDI consciousness, and leadership abilities, while collaboratively working towards building understanding of program needs and areas for development.

This course can be credited for the following HDS categories:

  • Methods Elective for HDS Bachelor of Science Students
  • Equity & Diversity Practicum/Specialization for both our HDS Major and Minor specializations in EDI
  • Development Series Elective for Bachelor of Arts Students

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